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I Concurso de Fotografía Gobierno Abierto - Delegación del Gobierno en Asturias

La Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Luarca participa en el  I Concurso de Fotografía Gobierno Abierto - Delegación del Gobierno en Asturias , como parte de las actividades de la Semana de la Administración Abierta , y en base a la experimentación en centros en materia de Educación en Gobierno Abierto de la que formamos parte desde noviembre de 2018 hasta marzo de 2019. Te animamos a que saques tu móvil del bolsillo y participes haciendo una o dos fotografías a edificios, infraestructuras o instalaciones que alberguen Servicios de la Administración del Estado en la Comunidad Autónoma del Principado de Asturias. El plazo para participar en el concurso se abre el 15 de febrero y se cierra el 6 de marzo de 2019. Los ganadores recibirán un Diploma de Delegación del Gobierno y un obsequio simbólico. Los premios serán entregados la semana del 11 al 15 de marzo de 2019, bien en Delegación del Gobierno en Oviedo, bien en los propios Centros de los ganadores. ¡Consulta las  bases de
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Christmas Speaking Challenge - Mini debates

Let's celebrate Christmas talking about what really matters, or not, during this holiday. The challenge consists of having eight mini debates, where time counts!  Get ready to keep up the conversation for at least eight minutes in each debate, in English! This countdown timer is in charge of setting up the speed of each speaking race, so now, read the challenge, think about how to start, discuss and finish each mini debate, and celebrate Christmas learning!

At the Tourist Office

The EDIA bunch at EOI Luarca are still travelling around London and on Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 December 2018, they stopped by  Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament . While there, they investigated about the History of both landmarks and learned more on when to visit, what to do inside as well as some interesting facts such as measures, nicknames or British traditions like the afternoon tea. Besides, they started a temporary job, at the London Tourist Office, where in teams, they designed a couple of leaflets in order to renew the Tourist Office window and advertise Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament to tourists. They had to search for sample leaflets, find basic information regarding opening times, prices, facilities and guided tours, so as to be able to create attractive but authentic outcomes too. Finally, as tourist officers, they had to explain to a special tourist (the teacher), why Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament were those spo

How do we do a succesful trip with teenagers?

To travel with teenagers is not always easy, but we can try  to mix the cultural visits, for their blossom, with other  a little more exciting  experiences to them. A journey to London can  start early in the  morning, in a meeting with a "Daybreakers" in order to  relieve their energy with a session of dance, yoga, fitness, skate and breakfast, etc before the day begins. Then, the activities  can be mixed between the iconic visits, like the Big Ben , Westminster Abbey, all the Museums, with other  activities  a bit different  for them , for example it's always  nice to do a cruiser on the Tames, but we can travel in a fast boat. Great for the "Thrill Seekers". Shoping, cycling, underage parties, getting images of street art, could be interesting activities for them. I t could also be nice to combine that with a quiet pic-nic at one of the magnificent Royal Parks in London, just to rest. London is a big city full of experiences to live as a tour

Giving your opinion about the best way of entertainment for teenagers

While in London,  write an article individually about the best way of entertainment for teenagers and why you think it is the best.  Just follow all the different steps you are going to find at the different landmarks in London. But first, you have to think about what an article of opinion is and reflect on some answers to these questions: What parts should it contain? Which topics can you write about? What about paragraphs? How many? What difficulties do I have now? The tips in this post might help you with your challenge. You can also use these phrases when giving your opinion and when asking for somebody's opinion.

The EDIA Bunch

As announced last week, the trip around the English Speaking Cities has begun now, and the passengers are all aboard. The bunch of travellers are happy to say bye bye to Spain and begin this Open ESL learning adventure. Here you are the SELFIE they have taken to celebrate the takeoff! May EDIA Open Educational Resources be with you!

Taking off

In Room 32, on the first floor at EOI Luarca, we are now starting our trip around ten English speaking cities . The trip will take six months and we will be stopping in some of the best known capital cities in the world, where English is their everyday language: London   Edinburgh Belfast Dublin Cork New York Washington Los Angeles Toronto Sydney As we travel, we will be accomplishing speaking, listening, reading, writing and mediation challenges, as well as improving our digital skills. We will be producing video clips , podcasts , posters , flyers and a wide range of digital products , which will be published in our " English Speaking Cities " collaborative learning diary. If you are one of our ESL students, are prepared to live the adventure of travelling around the world without even leaving your hometown, you like communication , collaboration and teamwork , and you are ready to